Video has emerged: Emmanuel, the war has begun VIDEO

It is part of the documentary film "One President, Europe and War" that was broadcast on French television on June 30, and on the video you can see Emmanuel Macron talking to Volodymyr Zelensky via video call, visibly worried about what he is hearing, reports Euronews Serbia.
"You want to tell me that they sent special forces all over Kyiv?", Macron asked Zelensky.
"Everywhere. In Kyiv, Odessa, from Belarus. We are fighting in the whole country. We could not have imagined this, it is not like 2014. It is a much bigger invasion," replied the Ukrainian president, after which Macron asked him:
"So we're talking total war?" Zelensky told Macron that it is necessary to talk to Russian leader Vladimir Putin as soon as possible.
"Emmanuel, I think the most important thing is to talk to Putin and form an alliance against the war. We are sure that the European leaders and Biden can unite, call him and tell him to stop. He will listen to you," said Zelensky.

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