AFAD investigates mysterious sound from below in Siirt

Upon the allegations that there was a sound coming from underground in two villages of the southeastern province of Siirt, the Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency (AFAD) has started to conduct an investigation with seismic devices 100 meters below the ground.

The team consisting of Cahit Akkoyun, the provincial head of AFAD, geophysics engineers and geological engineers affiliated to AFAD conducted an investigation in Siirt's Meydandere and Akyayla villages.

The team, receiving information from Meydandere's headman, Necmettin Baykara, continues to work to make measurements with seismic devices in 48 different channels by descending 100 meters below the ground.

An accelerometer system providing 24-hour monitoring of tremors was also installed to instantly report natural and artificial tremors to AFAD.

Stating that the noises at night made all the villagers uneasy, Hasan Aygün, a resident of Meydandere, said, "We thought it was an earthquake at first, but the walls were not shaking, but only the ground."

"When the noises came, we lodged a complaint with the authorities and they started work by dispatching the teams here," Aygün said.

We hope to learn the source of these sounds and that this problem will be solved as soon as possible, he added.

Sadık Aktı, another villager, said, "The noises that occurred at night made us very uncomfortable and we immediately fled our house."

"We are very happy that the teams have started an investigation in the village now. However, our uneasiness continues as we want to find out where these noises are coming from as soon as possible."

He also claimed that many villagers have been experiencing heart palpitations and difficulty in breathing since the sounds began...

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