Dnevnik ponders on English queen’s successor

Ljubljana – The death of Queen Elizabeth II is a giant turning point for the British monarchy and its long-term future, Dnevnik newspaper says in Saturday’s commentary The Queen Is Dead, Long Live the King!, suggesting that her successor Charles III is stepping into big shoes.

The Queen brought the nation together through good and bad times. With her and because of her, Great Britain found a new role in the world after the collapse of the British empire, until Boris Johnson’s Brexit spoiled it.

Dnevnik says that the times have not been as bad for Britain for a long time, which is perhaps the reason why her death has affected the British even more.

And after more than 70 years of her stable and cohesive reign, the oldest heir to the throne in history has become king.

Dnevnik notes that Charles caused the worst crisis during his mother’s reign with his devotion to his eternal mistress Camilla, when the majority of Brits demanded that William leapfrog him in line for the throne or that the monarchy be replaced by republic.

The new king cannot count on the popularity and adoration his mother enjoyed. His greatest asset is that he was one of the environmental pioneers even four decades ago.

Dnevnik says he often meddled in politics as heir to the throne, and if he continued to do so as king, he would do a disservice to the monarchy even if he might be right.

When it comes to the long-term survival of the monarchy, the UK counts on William and Kate and their children far more than on him.

The paper says that one of the first things the new king will have to do for the monarchy is to reconcile with his younger son Harry, while he will also have to solve the problem with his disgraced brother Prince Andrew, “which will be a much tougher task”.

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