Brnabić: "We showed that we are a serious state that keeps its word to its citizens"

She said that the whole day passed in peace, and that she was particularly proud of that.
"Here we are slowly bringing this challenging and difficult week to an end. First of all, I want to express my personal gratitude, the gratitude of the Government of the Republic of Serbia to all citizens of Serbia or the great majority of the public for showing tolerance, understanding and care for the state and especially the security services who made sure that Belgrade was a safe city, managing to deal with the few incidents", Brnabi said.
Brnabic said that the authorities managed to secure respect for the law and the constitution. Prime Minister pointed out that she is proud of the fact that the majority of citizens respected the rights and freedoms of all.
"We showed that we are a serious state that keeps its word to its citizens, that respects its institutions and the rights of its citizens. We did everything in the best possible way," she said.
According to Brnabi, "a lot of people wanted an opportunity to destabilize Serbia… both on the left and on the right and from the East and West but the state did not allow it and maintained stability".
Just to reiterate, the Pride Parade as part of "Europride 2022" is underway in Belgrade.

I was with the security services, where I was needed more

Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabic told reporters on Saturday evening that she wasn't at the pride parade because she was needed elsewhere, so she was with the security services.
"I wasn't there because I felt that my place was somewhere else at that moment, more needed and important as prime minister in a difficult day, somewhere else because I am primarily Serbian prime minister," she told a news conference.
Brnabi said: "A...

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