Bulgaria: Parts of Kapitan Andreevo Border Checkpoint declared a National Security Object

Parts of the Bulgarian border crossing "Kapitan Andreevo" will be declared a national security object by a decision of the Council of Ministers, which is being prepared at the moment. The news comes from the official Minister of Agriculture Yavor Gechev on bTV this morning. I.e. - obviously it is about the problem of phytosanitary control, which has been in private hands for a decade and which the state unsuccessfully tried to "regain" in recent months.

Funds will also be allocated for a public procurement for the construction of a state laboratory at the station, notes BTA.

The problem with the control of entry for the entire European community border crossing erupted under the government of Kiril Petkov, who announced that they would regain control and that the state was being damaged by millions a day. There were reports of threats against government officials and offers of hundreds of thousands in bribes.

In the end, the Supreme Administrative Court ordered the mandatory return of the Eurolab firm, which connects to mafia boss "Taki", to the border and overturned the BABH's orders. And in all three cases, in a remarkable way, the random selection of the cases resulted in the chairman of the Supreme Administrative Court, Georgi Cholakov, sitting in person.

Then the government of Petkov fell and a caretaker government was created.

A possible change of the status of the checkpoint will probably "turn the game" more in the direction of the state.

The dismissal of the executive director of the BABH is not related to the "Kaptain Andreevo" border crossing, the caretaker minister told bTV earlier today. The policy regarding the statehood of the point continues, Yavor Gechev also said.

"We have the approval of the...

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