Bulgaria’s President: The Voters clearly told the Politicians that Dialogue is Needed

President Rumen Radev stated that Bulgaria needs a functioning parliament and a stable regular government. In his first comment on the results of Sunday's snap parliamentary vote, Radev said voters had given a clear signal to politicians that they should seek dialogue. The raising of red lines between the parties after the vote and the search for various reasons for refusing a coalition betray the desire of the politicians to take responsibility for the management of the country in the winter.

"And these elections, unfortunately, could not break the trend of alienation from parties and from power. And these elections did not give an opportunity to any party to govern alone. They did not give an opportunity to easily form a coalition. This is a clear sign to the parties, that people expect dialogue, understanding, reason and finding common solutions...Bulgaria needs a functioning parliament and a sustainable regular government. What is more worrying is that behind the raising of new red lines and that after the elections and the search for all possible reasons to refuse coalitions betray the fear of the parties to take responsibility for governing in the winter... I want to turn to them and tell them that it is not so scary. Because in just 2 months the caretaker government has built a solid foundation from which the next regular government should to be able to lead the country through the winter without much difficulty. Now is not the time for cowardice and for narrow party calculations. Bulgaria needs a working parliament... it is time to take responsibility, it's time for political courage," said the head of state.

Next week, the president will announce when he will convene parliament:

"I will ask the political parties, I will...

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