Loud Protest against the opening of a Bulgarian club in North Macedonia

Several hundred people blow vuvuzelas and chant: "Bulgarians - Tatars and fascists" in Ohrid in front of the building where the Bulgarian club "Tsar Boris III" is to be officially opened, BGNES reports.

Some of the protesters also carry posters with inscriptions against Bulgaria and appeals against the European Union, which supported the "fascist demands of Bulgaria".

The protest was officially supported personally by the leader of the opposition VMRO-DPMNE Hristijan Mickoski, who called for "mass participation in the protest against the opening of the Bulgarian club 'Tsar Boris III'".

The pro-Russian formation of Dimitar Apasiev "Levitsa" joined the calls for participation in the protest.

We remind you that Mickoski and Apasiev were the main organizers of the protests against the French proposal to start negotiations for the membership of the RNM in the EU this summer.

Hours before the opening of the club in Ohrid, the MP from VMRO-DPMNE and a member of the leadership of this party, Antonio Miloshoski, announced that today he will personally submit to the parliament in Skopje "a draft law prohibiting the creation and registration of associations that have a direct connection with the Third Reich and the fascist regime".

The association for the promotion of the cultural values of the Macedonian Bulgarians "Tsar Boris III" in Ohrid was registered in the Central Register of the Republic of North Macedonia in November 2021 according to the Law on Associations and Foundations, and the opening of their club, established with the assistance of Dr. Milen Vrabevski, who was announced by the association as a "special guest", will took place today at noon local time.

The association received...

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