Erdogan’s indirect threats to Athens for war

Recep Tayyip Erdogan tried to appear provocative, but at the same time diplomatically covered, at the Summit held in Prague.

In addition to his provocative statements, to which the Greek Prime Minister responded, a journalist's question was an important moment.

She asked the Turkish president if he was really thinking of attacking Greece, pointing out the use of the now famous line from a Turkish love song "I will come one night suddenly".

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In response, Erdoğan did not reject the possibility of an attack, but claimed that Greece is responsible for this, as it provokes and attacks, while adding that this applies to any country.

"This does not only apply to Greece. No matter which country bothers us or attacks us, our answer to them is 'one night we will come suddenly'. That's what they need to know and understand. From now on, as you understand, so do they" he said characteristically.

The first move

Retired lt. general, Lambros Tzoumis, on the issue of increasing violations, he emphasized to MEGA channel that "any violation of national and sovereign rights or national sovereignty must be addressed. He must not be left unfettered."

And he continued about the overflights: "If this thing continues, because the crisis is coming, we will find it in front of us" and emphasized that "Erdogan will provoke us into making the first move".

International relation expert Alexandros Despotopoulos, for his part, evaluating the Prague Synod said: "The Turkish side has found itself in the need to respond to the internationalization of Greek-Turkish that the Greek side achieved."

Mr. Despotopoulos, commenting on the case of a "hot" incident estimated that "Turkey does not want a total...

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