Vučić welcomed the UAE President Muhammad bin Zayed, a sincere friend of Serbia PHOTO

He will pay a one-day visit to the Republic of Serbia on Monday, October 10, 2022.
This was announced by the office of the President of the Republic of Serbia.
"We talked about the entire situation in Ukraine and the region. I introduced him to what is expected of Serbia from the west, what it is and what kind of pressures we are under, some would call them pressures, some would call them by another name," Vucic said.
Vui pointed to the beginning of the war conflict in April, when it was clear that it was possible to reach an agreement, but that, after "strange" visits to some of the capital cities, it became clear that there was no agreement.
"We do not interfere in the world political conflict, but we have to follow it, we know what is happening so that we can coordinate our moves," he explained.
He said that Sheikh Mohammad knows that we are the only country in Europe that has not imposed sanctions on Russia.
"I find it funny when some pro-Russian and pro-Western analysts in our country, since there are fewer and fewer pro-Serbians, say that it is not only Serbia, but that Azerbaijan has not introduced sanctions either. When you hear that, as well as when they say that Armenia did not introduce them either, then you start laughing in agony, so there's nothing left but to stop listening to such nonsense," he added.
Vui pointed out that we are in a difficult situation, but that he has more energy today when he saw how people are looking forward to the opening of the roads.
"Sheikh Muhammad is a great, sincere friend of the state of Serbia, and I hope that we will interest him in some more investments, and that he will come to our country more often," he concluded.

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