Putin showed weakness? "He must retire"

NATO Secretary General added that this would "open the way to further Russian aggression".
"Ukraine is in good momentum and has the ability to make significant progress. Russia is resorting to horrific attacks on civilians and key infrastructure. Putin is failing in Ukraine.
Yesterday's missile attack on Ukraine and his recent moves represent the biggest escalation of the conflict since the beginning of the war. a sign of weakness, an indication that the war is not going as planned," Stoltenberg said at a press conference ahead of a two-day meeting of NATO defense ministers (October 12-13).
He pointed out that NATO is not part of the conflict, but that the Alliance's support for Ukraine has a key role.
"We are united in support of Ukraine's sovereignty and its defense. I look forward to further deliveries of defense weapons to Ukraine. NATO stands firmly with Ukraine, and will stand as long as necessary," Stoltenberg said. NATO Secretary General pointed out that Putin's nuclear threats are dangerous and irresponsible.
"Russia knows that a nuclear war cannot be won and that it must never happen. Putin started this war and he must end it by withdrawing from Russian territory," Stoltenberg said, adding that NATO troops will hold the field exercise he holds every year next week. Stoltenberg says he has not seen any change in the Russian position and that NATO has increased the number of troops on the eastern flank of the Alliance.
"The summit will discuss the strengthening of key infrastructure, and any possible attack would be met with an adequate response. NATO has so far provided unprecedented military support to Ukraine, we have been helping them in training since 2014, which means to them now during Russian aggression. It is...

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