No terrorist links found in explosion in Istanbul: Minister

Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu has said that no terrorist connection has come to light so far in the ongoing investigation into the explosion that occurred in Istanbul's Kadıköy district.

"The incident may or may not be terror-related. We have to investigate the explosion in every possible way," the ministry stated, adding that 60 of the 80 items of evidence collected were also examined.

Within the scope of the investigations, police took the testimonies of around 30 people.

According to the testimonies of the relatives of 63-year-old M.K., who died in the explosion, the elder man had schizophrenia and his left foot was amputated.

In the investigation into the house where the family resided, a type of pyrotechnic material in powder form resembling fireworks and sparklers was seized, though the material is believed to be lying in the house for a year.

A blank-type gun was also found, while the investigation team stated that the house was like a garbage dump, the minister added.

Soylu pointed out that the person was sentenced to prison in Türkiye between 2012 and 2019 for the murder he committed in Switzerland and that he had contacts with many radical leftist organizations before 1980.

Electrical components were found all over the house, the minister said, adding that the elder man was suspiciously interested in electricity.

Soylu also said that the successive explosion occurred as a normal gas cylinder and an oxygen cylinder blasted together.

Regarding the initial claim regarding the reason behind the explosion, Soylu noted the provincial fire team informed the district governor, Ali Yerlikaya, that the source of the explosion could be a natural gas leak.

The governor shared this information...

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