Russia: The Bomb for the Crimean Bridge was Planted before the Cargo passed through Bulgaria

The Federal Security Service (FSB) and the Investigative Committee of Russia (SKR) have officially accused the Main Directorate of Military Intelligence of Ukraine of orchestrating the bombing of the Crimean bridge over the weekend.

The explosion, in which the SKR tried through comments in the Kremlin to implicate Bulgaria, became the occasion for massive attacks on Ukrainian infrastructure on Monday and to a lesser extent on Tuesday. Ukraine claims that they were pre-organized and planned.

And in the new version of the Russian services, however, the Bulgarian route is present: this time it is not about a truck bomb, but specifically about a load of construction polyethylene that entered Bulgaria from Odesa, and from there - to Armenia, Georgia and then - to Russia, according to the conclusions cited by "Interfax".

The investigation indicated that an explosive device was hidden in the polyethylene film - 22 pallets with a total weight of 22,770 kg, which were sent from the port of Odesa to the Bulgarian town of Ruse in early August under a contract between "Translogistik UA" (based in Kyiv) and Baltex SA, SIA (registered in Riga).

From Bulgaria, the cargo was delivered to Poti (Georgia), from there to Armenia. In the latter country, between September 29 and October 3, the customs control of the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union (in which Armenia is Russia's partner) was implemented. In Yerevan, the documents were changed so that it was sent by the Armenian company "GRJ Group" and the recipient was LLC "Leader" in Moscow. Subsequently, the border was crossed at the "Verkhniy Lars" crossing point (Georgia - Russia), and on October 6 it was already in the Krasnodar region (Russia), from where two days later it...

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