Putin: The end in two weeks

As he stated, the President of Turkey played a significant role in a number of issues and Russia is grateful to him for that.
"He was an active participant in the agreement on the export of wheat. The United Arab Emirates is also ready for an intermediary role, for which we are also grateful. India and China also always say that a dialogue should be established, I know their position, but we also know the position of Kyiv - they say they want negotiations, and now they have officially made a decision to ban negotiations. We have always said that we are open to an agreement," Putin said at the Russia-Central Asia summit.
He pointed out that the partial mobilization will soon be over.
"222.000 of the 300.000 have been mobilized, within two weeks the process will be completed," said the President of Russia.

Putin on NATO: "Dangerous step"

President of Russia also referred to the recent missile attacks on targets in Ukraine.
"Of the 29 buildings that were planned to be destroyed, seven were not hit. There is no need for intensive strikes. Other tasks are being set. At least for now. We will see," Putin said. He also pointed out that the conflict between NATO and Russia was a very dangerous step.
"A direct conflict between the forces of NATO and the Russian army is a very dangerous step, it will lead to a global catastrophe, I hope it will be wise not to do something like that. We did not set the task of destroying Ukraine," said Putin. He also referred to the explosion on the Crimean bridge.
"After the terrorist act on the Crimean bridge, the appropriate services were given the task of strengthening control, ensuring the safety of all infrastructure facilities, energy facilities, and transport facilities," said the...

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