Bombers ready: The exercise starts?

As stated in the announcement, the exercise entitled "Steadfast Noon" will take place on the territory of Belgium, Great Britain and the North Sea, and should last until October 30th. 60 aircraft from 14 NATO countries will participate in the exercise, and for this purpose the United States of America will also send its B-52H strategic bombers.
"As in previous years, American B-52 long-range bombers will participate in the exercises. This year they will fly from Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota. Training flights will take place over Belgium, which will host the exercise, as well as over North Sea and Great Britain. Warheads will not be used during the exercises," NATO announced.
Although the exercise caused concern due to the current geopolitical situation, NATO emphasized that exercises of this type are held every year at the same time and were planned earlier.
"The exercise is a routine, repetitive exercise not related to any current world events. It is hosted in a different NATO country every year. No 'live' weapons will be used, and the exercises will help maintain NATO's nuclear deterrent safely and effectively," NATO explained.
NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg also announced the start of the exercise. "The exercise was planned for a long time, even before the invasion of Ukraine, and we were transparent about it. Deterrence means preventing any attack on NATO allies and keeping the peace. We have shown that NATO's nuclear deterrent works and that it is effective," Stoltenberg said.
Last year, during this period, the exercise "Steadfast Noon" was held, and it was hosted by the countries of Southern Europe, members of NATO.

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