Russian official: Huge pressure is exerted on Serbia...

However, as he points out, Moscow and Belgrade are connected not only by mutually beneficial relations, but also by historical memory.
"Nevertheless, elements of common sense still exist in the authorities of European countries. Serbian Interior Minister Aleksandar Vulin said that the country's physical existence depends on its friendship with Russia," the senator wrote on his Telegram.
According to him, Russia and Serbia have always been united by friendship. "However, under the pressure of some Western countries, Serbia is now trying to remain neutral, it does not support Russia on the international stage. Although this country did not impose sanctions on us, it does not show the same friendship.
In particular, it did not recognize the accession of new subjects - DNR, LNR, Zaporizhzhia and Kherson regions - to Russia," he emphasized. Of course, this procedure has a pragmatic explanation, unrelated to the anti-Russian political vector: the recognition would provoke the Kosovo separatists to use this fact for their purposes, Bondarev believes.
"I hope that not only rational thinking will prevail in Serbia, the benefits of cooperation with Russia, but also historical memory and national conscience," he pointed out. According to him, the generation of Serbs who are now living and making political decisions should remember how much good Russia and the Soviet Union did to this country.
"We see where the countries of the European Union are going with their forgetfulness and ingratitude: into degeneration, crisis and complete dependence on the United States. The European Union has ceased to be one of the 'poles', one of the decision-making centers in the multipolar world," the senator said.
Namely, France, Germany, Poland, the Czech...

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