Vučić: If we were to impose sanctions on Russia tomorrow...

President Vui referred to the sanctions against Russia, which Serbia did not introduce.
"Just to reiterate, no one threatens me personally, as Aleksandar Vui, but they threaten this country. They do not want this country to remain a living proof of someone's arrogance, hypocrisy and wrong policy. This country would only have to correct their mistakes by making sacrifices and validate all that is bad which they did two and a half decades ago", Vui said.
"We will not gain anything from whining. If we were to impose sanctions on Russia tomorrow, for three days it would be 'very nice, you have become part of Europe', and on the fifth day, Serbia should decide whether it is on the right side of history or not," Vucic added.
President of Serbia then explained in more detail why Serbia did not introduce sanctions despite the daily pressure exerted on our country.
"Vui did not introduce sanctions against Russia until October 17th. How did such a big turnaround happen and whose word means anything in this country? As long as we can endure without jeopardizing our interests, we will lead the policy in the conclusion of the UN Council. You little Serbs have no right to your territorial integrity. All of this is a difficult situation for us. The last ten years have not been easier either," explained Vui.

He referred to the upcoming meeting with Miroslav Lajk.
"I don't expect anything, I expect a difficult conversation", he said about the meeting with Lajk.

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