The first session of the new convocation of the Assembly: the only item on the agenda

Proposal for the Law on Ministries is on the agenda.
The session began with MPs' asking questions, which, according to the Rules of Procedure, is possible for MPs every Tuesday and Thursday, and after that the agenda is expected to be determined.
The bill on ministries was submitted by a group of 148 deputies, and it is expected that the proposed solution will be presented in a detail by the head of the SNS parliamentary group, Milenko Jovanov.
Opposition MPs criticized the government because, as they say, the bill was submitted in an urgent procedure and they did not have time to submit proposals to supplement the agenda.
According to the amendments to the Law on Ministries, the new Government of Serbia will have 25 ministries, which is four more than the previous composition of the cabinet in Nemanja 11.
If the MPs accept the proposal, which will be debated tomorrow, the government will have for the first time the Ministry of Internal and Foreign Trade, while the current Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development will be divided into the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Science, Technological Development and Innovation.
What is new is that sport will have its own department exclusively, that is, youth will no longer be part of that ministry. There will be a separate Ministry of Sports, while the Department of Youth will join tourism, so there will be a Ministry of Tourism and Youth.
The Ministry of Culture will also be separate, and a new Ministry of Information and Telecommunications is being formed.
For the first time, as foreseen, the Ministry for Public Investments will be introduced.

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