Greece will conclude an Arms Deal with Germany worth 4 Billion Euros

In the framework of the process of arming the Greek government, which began in the Eastern Mediterranean after the crisis with Turkey in 2020, Greece's new address is Germany, after France and the United States, writes Hurriyet.

During the visit of German Chancellor Olaf Scholz to the Greek capital Athens on October 27, an armaments program worth about 4 billion euros or part of this program is expected to be announced.

According to Greek media, the armament program includes the purchase of 205 new Lynx KF-41 armored fighting vehicles, which will be produced at a plant set up in northern Greece. The deal will also include the modernization of 190 Leopard Type 1 tanks, 183 Leopard Type 2 tanks and four MEKO frigates. The modernization of a total of 337 Leopard tanks will cost 2 billion euros, and the purchase of 205 armored fighting vehicles will be worth 1.4 billion euros. The modernization of four frigates is worth 600 million euros.

After the 2020 crisis, Athens, which was pursuing its armaments program, ordered 24 Rafale fighter jets worth $3.3 billion and three Belharra frigates worth $3 billion from France.

Greece's contacts with the US for the purchase of 20 F-35 fighter jets continue. After the US gave the go-ahead during Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis' visit to Washington in May, the Greek Air Force sent a letter in June and began the process to purchase 20 F-35 fighter jets. If the deal between Greece and the US is completed, the F-35 fighter jets are expected to cost around $3 billion, with deliveries starting in 2028.

Mitsotakis said in June that despite strong rhetoric from Turkey, relations have not bottomed out since 2020, when the neighbors' warships sighted each other in the eastern Mediterranean. Greece...

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