Drama, video footage released. This was Putin's initial plan?

The words of the former Italian Prime Minister, who was legally sentenced to prison, and is now the leader of the party he founded, which is part of the winning right-wing coalition, were uttered yesterday, during a closed meeting with the newly elected Forza senators in the Palazzo Montecitori.
At the same meeting, he was also recorded boasting that Putin wished him a happy birthday by sending him 20 bottles of vodka, and that he returned the courtesy to Putin with 20 bottles of Lambrusco, along with exchanging "sweet messages".
After releasing a first audio recording Tuesday about Berlusconi re-establishing contact with Putin over gifts and "sweet" birthday notes, LaPresse on Wednesday published another recording, apparently from the same session, in which Berlusconi seemingly defended Putin's decision to try to oust the Ukrainian government.
The video was published by the Italian newspaper La Presse on Wednesday. Today, the same portal published a new video in which Berlusconi explains the war in Ukraine to his party colleagues, firmly advocating the Russian position on how the invasion of a sovereign state took place.
"Do you know how this happened with Russia? But for this I ask you for maximum discretion. Do you promise? (...). It was like this - in 2014, in Minsk, Belarus, an agreement was signed between Ukraine and the two newly formed republics of Donbas for peace agreement so that they would no longer attack each other. Ukraine throws that agreement to hell a year later and starts attacking the borders of the two republics. The two republics suffer military losses which, they tell me, come to 5, 6, 7 thousand dead. Zelensky comes, triples attacks on two republics. Death toll was increasing," says Berlusconi.
He then says...

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