Bulgaria: The Price of Gas in November may Drop below 166 Leva

The Minister of Energy, Rosen Hristov, predicts that the price of gas in November may fall below BGN 166, and its value may be maintained in December.

He explained to the media his decision to abandon the proposal to introduce two electricity tariffs for domestic consumers. According to Rosen Hristov, the proposal was intended to play the role of a conservative buffer in case of a sharp jump in the prices of energy carriers. However, the ministry did not expect that the issue would be so politicized.

"At the moment, there is no need for two tariffs. We have stabilized gas supplies, our measures are working and together with the European ones, we have a positive expectation. If the situation persists, heating will not become more expensive either and it makes no sense. The proposal was intended as a buffer for the price of gas and as it is not of an urgent nature, we have decided not to bring it in. We have noticed that the dilemma is being politicized, and we are a technical government, and we do not like populist proposals. And as the problem has become sharply political, we have decided, instead of bringing the proposal, to maintain parliament with technical expertise," Hristov said.

He urged not to politicize the issue of diversification of nuclear fuel supplies and assured that it will be supplied by us after verification by independent international bodies.

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At least two companies will participate in the tender for the supply and processing of nuclear fuel for the Kozloduy NPP. At the moment, talks have already been held with "Westinghouse", the French company "Framatom" is also involved in the...

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