Editorial: Letter from London

Britain's political fiasco is unprecedented.

Since 2016, the erstwhile strong and respected Great Britain had to change four prime ministers, and now it is looking for a fifth.

The case of Liz Truss, however, was beyond imagination. She remained in office for just 44 days, a shorter time span than the campaign in which she was elected Tory leader.

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She reached the point of informing the House of Commons with disarming honesty that she is not able or in a position to carry out her prime ministerial duties!

Her resignation was preceded by her unsuitable, under current international and domestic economic conditions, package of economic measures that was strongly disputed by the markets and forced the Bank of England to announce that it was prepared to spend up to a whopping, £ 65bn to buy long-dated UK government bonds in order to stem a market rout, to manage to the degree possible the plunge of the pound, and to avert a bankruptcy of insurance funds!

Truss's unsteady policy literally left behind chaos and a floundering UK desperately seeking a new leadership, and initially the return of Boris Johnson was not ruled out, before he declared and then withdrew his candidacy.

Clearly, all the choices of leaders over the last six years were determined by the strategic error of Brexit.

The British political system is entirely responsible for the protracted crisis in that great country.

It was swayed by waves of populism and conspiracy theories that prevailed over the last decade.

At first, the British political system was influenced by Donald Trump's ahistorical claptrap regarding protectionism.

Then it became entrapped in Nigel Farage's...

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