Von Der Leyen on Friday in Belgrade

Von der Leyen will start the tour in Skopje on October 26, continue on October 27 in Pristina and Tirana, then on October 28 stay in Belgrade and Sarajevo and finally on October 29 in Podgorica, as part of the Balkan tour, it has been announced on the website of European Commission.
The President of the EC comes a few days after the publication of the annual reports on the progress of the countries of the Western Balkans towards the Union.
Von der Leyen expects the aid package for the Western Balkans, which Enlargement Commissioner Olivr Vrhelyi announced in a speech in Strasbourg on October 19.
The package consists of "budgetary aid for the energy crisis and its impact on households and businesses, and these measures should be helpful already this winter," Vrhelyi said.
Von der Leyen should inform about the decision of the EU to include the Western Balkans in the joint purchase of gas.
Migration is also expected to be a topic of discussion.
Vrhelyi stated that in this area too, the EU will not leave the Western Balkans to fight for migration alone and promises that the Union will help both politically and financially.
In Belgrade, von der Leyen will repeat the messages that the Union has been sending these days about the need for Serbia to make an effort to accept the Union's foreign policy positions, including declarations and sanctions against Russia due to the war in Ukraine.

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