Century of Türkiye biggest heritage to future generations: Erdoğan

Reiterating that the Turkish nation will mark the beginning of the Century of Türkiye in 2023, the centennial of the republic, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has called on all the citizens to altogether build a new vision in the second century of the state.

"To us, this anniversary has meanings far more than a calendar change, which is the beginning of the second century of our new state. That is why we have named it as the Century of Türkiye, which will elevate our third state we have founded in the past one thousand years on Anatolian lands to a level that we as the nation dream of in political, economic, social and diplomatic areas," Erdoğan said in his address after the cabinet meeting late Oct. 24.

"This vision, which we will raise on all the achievements of our country and civilization, will be the greatest legacy we will leave to future generations."

The country is preparing for the republic's centenary with great excitement and enthusiasm, the president said, underlining that the Century of Türkiye will be based on the visions set for 2053 and 2071, the 600th anniversary of the conquer of Istanbul and 1,000th anniversary of the Malazgirt Battle that allowed the Turks to enter in Anatolia respectively.

"Moreover, we are realizing this breakthrough at a time when the world is undergoing a historical transformation. The process Türkiye is in is not independent of what is happening in the world with its politics, economy, social and cultural developments," Erdoğan stated.

The president recalled that the government is working to make a Türkiye that expands rights and freedoms, strengthens and grows in every field, the president emphasized, noting "Our objective of Century of Türkiye is not only aiming at augmenting our people...

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