‘Touched by Humankind’ at Kalyon Kültür

Kalyon Kültür's new group exhibition "Touched by Humankind" can be visited at Nişantaşı Taş Konak.

Curated by Ceren and Irmak Arkman, "Touched by Humankind" is the second in a series of exhibitions, investigating the relationship between nature and digital art. Looking from a different angle, this exhibition focuses on the human impact on the environment, drawing attention to one of the most important problems of today: The climate crisis.

Taking place in line with and parallel to the framework of the 17th Istanbul Biennial, the exhibition brings together nine international artists, while at the same time supporting the exhibition with talks and workshops on nature, recycling and sustainability that will also take place.

The exhibition, spanning two floors of Nişantaşı Taş Konak, features an installation by Spanish artist Félix Luque, who, while exploring the relationship between human and technology, also touches upon current issues such as the development of artificial intelligence. In the 20-minute video installation titled JunkYard III, he shows piled up car wrecks as archaeological remains for the future. Focusing on the idea that car accidents came to exist due to the invention of the automobile, the artist makes the audience question whether the total damage done by the industry is a historical accident that affects the existence of humankind.

Canadian artist François Quévillon conveys through his works how technology changes people, culture, the environment, time, space and our relationships with each other. With his video installation Pyroclastic Trails, he draws attention to the research on the impact of mining activities which take place in the extinct volcanoes of the Sierra de Santa Catarina, located south of Mexico City.<...

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