Act of aggression - Bulgaria, Romania, Greece under attack?

At a meeting dedicated to fake news organized by the Institute of Human Sciences and the Slovak Embassy in Vienna, Ker said that Russia and China have realized how with little investment they can cause huge damage.
"Russia in particular uses fake news as a weapon, with Bulgaria, Romania, Greece and Slovakia most exposed to the threat of Russian disinformation," he explained.
Bulgarian expert Ivan Krastev emphasized that it is about using mistrust as a weapon.
"Russian propaganda tried in Bulgaria to get people not to get vaccinated, while Putin promoted vaccination in his country," he said.
Ker pointed out that all instruments that are logical for war should be used, and it is logical to sanction Russian media. "However, there is often a lack of legal means to act against propaganda. We don't ban the media, but propaganda," said media adviser from the Czech Republic, Michal Klma.
He added that disinformation also encourages hate crimes, and that is why increased international cooperation is needed to monitor the extreme right on the Internet. "The persons who killed two people on the street in Bratislava called via Twitter on their followers from various countries to continue what they started. Without official cooperation, they cannot be found and arrested," Ker explained.
Regarding the current rumors about a "dirty bomb", the Secretary General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Austria, Peter Launsky-Tieffenthal, said that these are Russian rumors with the aim of undermining European support for Kyiv.

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