Bulgaria’s President at Consultations with GERB: You are Looked upon with Great Hope to Form a Government

President Rumen Radev began consultations with the parties represented in the parliament before handing over the first mandate to form a cabinet. The representatives of the largest parliamentary force GERB-SDS were invited first to "Dondukov" 2.

"I congratulate you on the victory in the elections. I believe you realize that this is a great responsibility because of the severe political and socio-economic crisis. The first mandate holder is looked upon with great hope to form a government that can bear the responsibility. The formation of a government it is important not only for our country to have a regular government, but also to guarantee the life of the 48th National Assembly, which has a huge amount of work to do," said Radev.

The President added that the Speaker of the Parliament Vezhdi Rashidov, who determines the priority of consideration of bills in the chamber, is from the ranks of GERB-SDS and asked the representatives of the party how they see the priorities of the 48th National Assembly.

And also - what are the positions of GERB - SDS on the budget, on the modernization of the Bulgarian army and on the provision of military aid to Ukraine.

"A number of constitutionally defined bodies have expired mandates and are incomplete, and this is a huge problem. There is no way we can accept the euro with a governor of the BNB whose mandate has expired - this hinders work with international institutions," said Rumen Radev.

The possibilities of forming a government

"We will make every effort to form a government up to the limit of self-preservation, even a little beyond it, of course, without depersonalizing ourselves at all," declared GERB Deputy Chairman Tomislav Donchev.

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