Hellenic Parliament: Andreas Patsis’ expulsion, his obsession with his seat and the attitude of his party

The saga that started with the former (resigned a day ago) New Democracy MP Andreas Patsis as the protagonist, is expected to rivet public interest in the coming days.

Mr. Patsis categorically refuses to hand over his seat, saying that he will remain an independent MP, while SYRIZA insists that both Andreas Patsis's "Ways and Means" statement and the role of other New Democracy cadres should be investigated.

In the beginning

SYRIZA MP Pavlos Polakis, opened Pandora's Box with complaints about the business activities of Andreas Patsis.

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The complaints were started by Pavlos Polakis and continued by SYRIZA. The main opposition party reported that Andreas Patsis appears to be the owner of foreign special purpose companies, which bought 63 million red loans at a price of 4.3 million and is profiting from it. Also, that he has received various funds and jobs from public companies (Hellenic Post-ELTA).

Andreas Patsis with his statement tried to answer Pavlos Polakis, however there was no cover from his party.

In the announcement of the Prime Minister's Press Office, it is stated that "The explanations of the MP Andreas Patsis for his professional activities, which are not consistent with the status of the MP and the principles of the New Democracy, were not considered sufficient.

Following this, by decision of the Prime Minister, he is excluded from the ND Parliamentary Group".

Shortly before the announcement of the deletion of MP Patsis, and with public discussion moving on from the legitimacy of the actions of the  MP representing Grevena to the ethical dimension, the government representative speaking to SKAI channel stated that "We are extremely sensitive to what has...

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