The session of the Assembly on the Government of Serbia to be resumed today

The majority of heads of parliamentary groups expressed their views on the new Government of Serbia, and the main criticisms of the opposition were related to the fact that it is a government of continuity, with the assessment that the previous one has not worked well, as well as that the government is formed by Aleksandar Vui, and is represented by its prime minister-designate, Ana Brnabi
Brnabi replied that, unlike the previous government, the government is not formed by ambassadors and tycoons, and that it will work only and exclusively in the interest of Serbia. On Tuesday, she presented an expos in which she listed five key topics, namely the new energy policy, education, health, the continuation of digitization and climate change.
The new government will have 28 ministers, including 3 without portfolio, she said adding that the first deputy Prime Minister will be the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ivica Dacic, along with Finance Minister Sinisa Mali, Culture Minister Maja Gojkovic and Defense Minister Milos Vucevic, serving as deputy Prime Ministers.
As the main goals, Brnabi emphasized maintaining stability and the continuation of growth and development: "Serbia has to position itself in the world, maintain its stability and continue growth and development which is, in simplest terms, the main job of the future government".
Brnabic said that energy will be her government's top priority adding that some EUR 12 billion will be invested in that industry as part of Serbia 2025 plan.
During the debate, there was also controversy regarding the introduction of sanctions against Russia, and at one point an incident occurred, when the representatives of the People's Party and the Serbian Progressive Party almost ended the confrontation...

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