Video from 2018 goes viral: "Russians are controlling you" VIDEO

As reported by Jutarnji list, at that meeting, which was not ordinary, Afghanistan, Syria and Ukraine were mostly discussed as the crisis hotspots at that time.
The NATO summit at that time was, namely, different because then US President Donald Trump made harsh criticisms regarding the funding of the Alliance, as well as Germany's dependence on Russian energy.
Trump said that Germany has become too close to Russia and has become dependent on Russian energy sources. In addition, he told the member countries of the NATO alliance that they should pay more because the cost of defense within the NATO alliance mostly falls on the backs of the USA, that is, American taxpayers, which in Trump's opinion is not fair.
NATO was formed in 1949 to defend Europe and North America against the Soviet Union. But Trump said then that he believes that now Germany has become too close to Russia. "Germany is controlled by Russia," Trump said in 2018 at a meeting with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg.
"It is sad when Germany agreed a deal with Russia regarding the import of oil and gas. NATO should protect against Russia, and then Germany pays billions and billions of dollars a year to that same Russia,'" Trump was explicit.
Stoltenberg, on the other hand, tried to assure Trump that, regardless of Germany's agreement with Russia, all members of the Alliance still stick together, to which Trump asked: "But how can you be together if one of the countries gets all its energy from the person or group you want protection from?"
The then German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who also met with Trump as part of the 2018 summit, said that she herself, given that she grew up in East Germany, knows very well what it means when a country is controlled by...

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