Elefsina: The “Cultural Capital of Europe” is turning into a new tourist destination

The city of Elefsina is turning into a new cultural destination of Attica thanks to the organization "Elefsina 2023 Cultural Capital of Europe".

Already, actions that have been taking place all this time and act as a precursor to the event, constantly attract thousands of visitors to Elefsina, while a large volume of visitors and artists from all over Europe is expected to inundate the historic city of Western Attica next year.

One of the 5 holy cities

Eleusis, as one of the five Holy Cities of antiquity, possesses rare archaeological wealth. The temple of Demeter and Persephone, the entrance of the Underworld at the Plutonium, the Caryatids of the Propylaea and the solid walls create one of the most remarkable archaeological sites in Greece. In fact, the Archaeological Museum of Elefsina is being renovated to house the city's great monumental stock, ensuring a special experience for visitors from all over the world.

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At the same time, the industrial heritage of the city is a pole of attraction for lovers of industrial archeology and photography. The Old Olive Mill at the base of the acropolis, the Neo-Gothic tower of Kronos and the chimneys of lost factories in the urban fabric form a mosaic of history and culture that makes Elefsina an alternative cultural destination of pan-European scope.

"Transcendental Mysteries"

It is emphasized that Elefsina, winning the title of Cultural Capital of Europe for 2023, is the fourth Greek city in a row to host the institution. Drawing inspiration from the rich history of the city, the organization forms an integrated artistic, research and educational program with the general title...

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