Erdoğan to unveil ‘Century of Türkiye Vision’

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who is also the chairman of the ruling Justice and Development Party, will outline the Century of Türkiye Vision as the key document for his party's election manifesto that explains the main objectives and targets he envisages for the country, which will mark its centennial in 2023.

The Century of Türkiye Vision will be read and detailed by Erdoğan through a massive meeting to be organized at Ankara's Sports Arena with the participation of thousands of AKP followers, as well as cabinet members, AKP officials, lawmakers, and journalists. The representatives from diplomatic missions, other political parties, artists, and representatives from the Alevi associations have also been invited to the meeting.

Erdoğan is expected to issue a general call on the people, including those who are in the opposition, to come together to build the Century of Türkiye starting from 2023, the year the Republic of Türkiye will celebrate its 100th anniversary. The meeting comes just a day before the celebration of the 99th anniversary of the republic on Oct. 29.

Erdoğan shared a Twitter post on the Century of Türkiye late Oct. 26 at precisely 20:23, in reference to 2023. "With the Century of Türkiye Vision, which we will build upon the achievements of our country and civilization, century-old initiatives will be realized, and our dreams will, inshallah, come true," he stated.

He also shared a film on his social media account detailing the life of Şakir Zümre, one of the pillars of the Turkish defense industry, with the message "Century of Türkiye."

Sources indicate that Erdoğan will prefer to use more inclusive language in his address while injecting hopes for the future with a call on all the society to build the...

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