Istanbul Biennial unveils ‘Golden Horn in the Golden Horn’

Since its 15th edition in 2017, the Istanbul Biennial has invited an artist to present a permanent artwork in the public space for each edition.

Turkish artist Ayşe Erkmen's new sculptural work, made for the 17th Istanbul Biennial, was unveiled on Oct. 24.

Known for her site- and situation-specific, and context-sensitive work, Erkmen's commission "Golden Horn in the Golden Horn" is informed by the mysterious and dynamic form of The Golden Horn, the primary inlet of the Bosphorus in Istanbul.

Located in Akşemsettin Park between Balat Hospital and the ferry dock, Golden Horn in the Golden Horn resembles a floating island that glimmers like gold, reflecting The Golden Horn in the setting sun. Positioned at a certain distance from the shore, within the field of view of passing ships and the shipyard, the sculpture invites us to contemplate the roles of water, geography, production and the memory of urban spaces within our daily lives.

"The interesting shape of Haliç reminds me of a ship, a gondola or a strangely shaped boat, even a smoke. It is said that when combined with the reflected golden sun in the evening, it received the name of the golden horn. This shape is actually a contour, an outline. I wanted to fill in this line, create a place, a space, and position it on the Golden Horn," says Erkmen.


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