New measures should be taken for driving e-scooters: Experts

New inspections and a driver's license requirement should be applied to prevent e-scooter accidents, which have become a hot topic of security debate in the country due to increasing deaths, warns experts.

Though e-scooters make significant contributions to transportation and the environment, the death rate in accidents involving e-scooters is quite high due to the lack of protective measures, said Mustafa Ilıcalı, the head of İstanbul Commerce University Transportation System Center.

Pointing out that driving e-scooter at a speed of less than 50 kilometers is allowed in mixed traffic, Ilıcalı noted that these roads must be inspected with an electronic control system and that municipalities and related units need to create independent roads suitable for e-scooters.

"Also, e-scooter drivers take no responsibility. Do they have adequate traffic information, or do they have any training? We do not know," he stated.

"Though e-scooters have electric motors, they have not been required to have license plates. E-scooters can move in traffic with other vehicles. It is clearly a risk for drivers. Two people must never travel together on an e-scooter," Ilıcalı added.

An age limit is set for e-scooter drivers, but the limit is not followed, Ilıcalı also noted.

Yiğit Dedeoğlu, a safe driving techniques expert, stated that though the Electric Scooter Regulation imposes various responsibilities on drivers, it is not enough to prevent accidents.

"For example, warning about the use of some equipment such as helmets and knee pads is the responsibility of authorities, but it is unlikely to see sanctions being imposed as it is not mandatory," Dedeoğlu explained.

He stated that e-scooter drivers must know basic traffic rules,...

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