Scholz’s resounding message to Turkey: “Disputing sovereignty by a NATO partner is not acceptable”

A year ago, then chancellor Angela Merkel visited Athens, on October 28. Olaf Scholz chose the eve of the national holiday, which refers to the most traumatic chapter of Greek-German relations: the Occupation in World War II. The memory must be cultivated, but this chapter is closed, says the social democratic chancellor, like his predecessors, for Greek claims that are still on the table.

Today the war has returned to the center of Europe. This time, Germany and Greece are on the same side - supporting Ukraine, utilizing a "circular exchange" of weapons to arm Ukraine. Chancellor Soltz characterizes the support as "exemplary", in his exclusive interview with "NEA"newspaper on the occassion of his first visit to Athens.

It remains to be seen whether it will be the basis for other equipment agreements for Greece, which faces Turkey's constant threats. The German chancellor does not share the direct comparison with the war in Ukraine. However,he sent a clear message to Erdogan: "Challenging the sovereignty of one NATO partner by another is not acceptable." He offered to mediate, to the extent that Athens and Ankara deem it useful.

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Differences exist between Athens and Berlin in the management of the energy crisis by the EU. But in the bilateral cooperation between Greece and Germany "more can be done" in all areas. And Mr. Schold is glad that this is exactly what he is discussing today with the Greek Prime Minister.

Mr. Chancellor, Germany and Greece are actively supporting Ukraine in the war against Russia, and in the context of the so-called "circular exchange". What do you think of the Greek-German cooperation so far in support of Ukraine?

Our cooperation is close and full of...

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