Greece celebrates October 28th: Pilot’s message “Honor to those who guard Thermopylae”

An impressive demonstration of acrobatics and daring maneuvers was presented for one more year by the "ZEUS" team of the Hellenic Air Force, with the "protagonist" being the F-16 Block52+ Fighting Falcon aircraft of the 340th Squadron belonging to the 115th Fighter Wing and piloted by the major, Christodoulos Giakoumis.

As every year, the pilot of the ZEUS team of the Air Force moved the audience with his message, in flight.

"We are and will remain ready. Honor to those who guard Thermopylae. Happy birthday" he said in his message.

October 28: This is how the Greco-Italian war began in 1940

The presentation of the demonstration was carried out by the pilot Nikolaos Papaisidorou.

The message of the President of the Republic

In her message, the President of the Republic, Katerina Sakellaropoulou, said:

"Major, today we celebrate the heroes who fought in the 'Albanian saga' and sacrificed their lives for our freedom, and with them all of you in the Armed Forces, tireless guards who ensure national sovereignty. Your country is grateful. Best wishes and happy landings."

Who is the Major Christodoulos Giakoumis

entered the Ikaron School in 2002. In 2007, he was assigned to the 116PM/336 Squadron on A-7E Corsair II aircraft, while in 2009 he was assigned to the 115PM/SMET on F-16 Block52+ aircraft. Since 2010 he has been serving in the 340 Squadron. He has more than 1700 flight hours, of which 1300 are in F-16 aircraft.

He is the same one who flew last year with the F-16 of the Air Demonstration Group over Thessaloniki on October 28, sending a shocking message with lyrics by Kostis Palamas and causing shivers of emotion.

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