"Serbia will receive 160 million euros of direct budget support from the EU" VIDEO

President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vui, and the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, visited the works on the construction of the Serbia-Bulgaria gas interconnector.
"This is something we needed. Then we will have access to gas from Greece and we will be in a much better position to diversify our gas sources," said Vui during the tour, and reminded that the works are financed with 49.5 million from the EU. "Without European support, we would not have the funds, and this is of great importance for us," he added.
Then the two addressed the crowd.
"As the President of the EC said, we will receive direct budget support of 160 million euros from the EU due to the price of energy products. It is a great help and will ease the problems we are facing. It is a great help for us, thanks to EU taxpayers," said Vui.
President of Serbia said today, during a tour of the works, that Serbia should also build a gas connection with North Macedonia, which will be important for the diversification of gas supply sources.
The work on the construction of the Serbia-Bulgaria gas interconnector should be completed by September 2023, and during the presentation of the project, Vui told the President of the EC that about 70 kilometers of gas pipeline should be built to North Macedonia and that country should build another 23 km.
"And then we will be able to connect with Albania and Greece to the LNG terminal for liquefied natural gas, as well as to other sources. Then we will be in a much better position when it comes to diversifying supply sources and especially connecting to the TAP and TANAP gas pipelines and other LNG terminals," said Vui.
He reiterated that Serbia will be able to get gas through the LNG terminal in...

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