Türkiye to appoint sports attachés to 13 countries: Minister

Türkiye will establish sports consultancy offices in 13 European countries, where attachés will be appointed, Youth and Sports Minister Mehmet Muharrem Kasapoğlu has announced.

"Persons to be appointed can be athletes or young people who are successful in their field," said Kasapoğlu, stressing that the priority among the criteria will be language and to have full knowledge of the fields.

The 13 countries determined in the first stage are the places where Turks live intensely, the minister said.

"This is sports diplomacy. The attaché offices and sports consultancy will have a mission for university students and young people born in Europe.

Meanwhile, the southern province of Antalya, preferred especially by football clubs in their inter-season camps, is very popular in terms of sports tourism.

"There is an excellent infrastructure also in [the Central Anatolian province of] Afyon, especially the hotel infrastructure," Kasapoğlu said.

The government's support for private sector ownership of this sector will continue, he added.

"Türkiye is no longer a demander in international organizations, but a desired point," the minister said. "Every week, there are definitely offers about a few organizations. We have hundreds of organizational options. We will not say no to whatever is in the interests of our country and sports community."

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