Russia suspends role inspecting grain ships in Istanbul: JCC

Russia has suspended its participation in the inspection of cargo ships carrying Ukrainian grain, the Joint Coordination Center, the body overseeing the deal, said late on Oct. 30

The announcement came a day after Russia suspended its participation in a landmark agreement that allowed vital grain exports to resume.

"The delegation of the Russian Federation informed that... it suspends its participation in the implementation of the activities of the Initiative, including in inspections, for an indefinite time," said a JCC statement.

Earlier Sunday, Türkiye's defense ministry had said that the inspection of shipments of Ukrainian grain would continue Sunday and Monday in Istanbul.

The JCC said 11 shipments had been inspected Sunday before it made its announcement concerning Russia's decision.

Another 112 cargo ships carrying Ukrainian grain are waiting for clearance off Istanbul's coast, said the JCC.

The July deal to unlock grain exports signed between Russia and Ukraine and brokered by Türkiye and the United Nations, is critical to easing the global food crisis caused by the conflict.

It had already allowed more than nine million tonnes of Ukrainian grain to be exported and had been due for renewal on November 19.

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