Turkish Brain Team wins two medals

The Turkish Brain Team has achieved to win two medals at the 2022 World Mind Games Championship held in Poland.

The 28th World Mind Games Championship, organized by the International Mind Sports Association in a different country every year, was held in Krakow on Oct. 16-23.

The Turkish Brain Team, which was ranked as the third in the world as a team and the second in the world individually so far, successfully represented Türkiye once again.

At the sudoku category of the championship, 14-year-old Can Erturan became the second in the world under 18 category, while Ahmet Eren Gözübenli won the bronze medal in the same category.

Games such as Sudoku, Kendoku, and Kakuro were solved against time and opponents in the competition, where about 200 contestants from 30 countries, represented the intelligence of their own countries.

The Turkish Brain Team, which has been a member of the federation since the first year of its establishment, has participated in all competitions since 1992.

The team achieved its best result as a team in 1996 and finished the competition in third place. Mehmet Murat Sevim, who won a silver medal in 2008 and a bronze medal in 2009, and Kamer Alyanakyan, who finished in third place in 1993, achieved the best individual rankings in the history of the team.

The main sponsor of the Turkish Brain Team is the Mind Games magazine, which is also the representative of the International Mind Sports Association in Türkiye and organizes competitions to select the team every year.

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