The New Year’s Speech of Bulgaria’s President Rumen Radev

Bulgarian President Rumen Radev

In his traditional New Year's address, the head of state Rumen Radev summarized the past year 2022 as full of crises and challenges, which tested the country's economy and the ability of politicians to reach an agreement.

The main highlights of the president's speech are Russia's war in Ukraine, the energy crisis, the floods in the Karlovo region, the efforts to find 12-year-old Alexander from Pernik, the efforts for refugees from Ukraine. According to him, society showed empathy and unity on these topics.

"Let us not forget that salvation is not at the bottom of glasses. Success is not luck in the banitsa", said Radev.

"The future lies in our joint efforts, in the responsible position of each of us in every life and political choice," said the president.

The head of state also looked to the new year 2023, expressing hope that it will bring peace and the parties will be able to reach an understanding to form a regular government. "Let's meet it with faith in ourselves and hope for the future," the president said.

We publish, without editorial intervention, the entire address of the head of state, as well as the full video recording, which you can see here.

"Dear compatriots,

We are minutes away from the end of a year full of crises and challenges. A year that put to the test not only economic and social stability, but also the ability of our politicians to reach an agreement and be with the citizens in our common way forward.

Near us, a devastating war has broken out for Europe, which continues to flare up and become fiercer. The energy crisis and record inflation affected every Bulgarian home. This year, too, natural disasters and another early election did...

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