Akar blames Greece for trying to escalate tensions

Defense Minister Hulusi Akar on Jan. 2 accused Greece of trying to increase tension in the Aegean with provocative actions and rhetoric due to domestic political considerations.

"We always tell our interlocutors that we are in favor of continuous dialogue and peace and that we want to solve our problems through negotiations within the framework of good neighborly relations and international law," Akar said during his visit to TCG Anadolu assault ship.

The minister reminded the current consultation mechanisms, confidence-building measures and disengagement procedure meetings in NATO between Türkiye and Greece.

"Greece does not hold these meetings," Akar said.

"It's sabotaging. Some politicians and soldiers are constantly and consciously trying to increase the tension in order to cover up their inner troubles. We continue to work as cautiously as possible in this regard," he said.

Stating that Greece continues with its provocative actions and rhetoric, Akar said, "They get up every morning and make every effort to create tension."

Greece is trying to present its problems with Ankara as Türkiye-NATO, U.S. and EU problems, Akar said. "Everybody has understood his tricks now. We consider and expect that everyone will be more cautious in this regard."

Türkiye's statements are based on legal realities and concrete data, and despite this, there are many reasons originating from Greece for not getting a result, he stated.

"There is the eavesdropping scandal, the immigration scandal, corruption. However, Greece has failures in the eastern Mediterranean that it has failed to achieve and that the Greek public has noticed. To cover all this, they hope to increase tensions with Türkiye. But we want them to see that it is...

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