Diver in Santa Claus outfit collects plastic fish

A member of Derindere Respect Diving Group, who wanted to protest the fishing in the Bosporus and draw attention to the pollution in the seas, took plastic fish out of the sea by diving in a Santa Claus outfit.

The diver wearing a Santa Claus outfit collected plastic fish from the bottom of the sea to raise awareness about the sea pollution and fishing policies in the Bosporus.

Diver Saruhan Singen stated that everyone should make sacrifices so that future generations can eat fish and called on all fishermen not to catch small fish.

"Please everyone be responsible. We ask all fishermen: Let's not hunt small fish," Singen said.

"Let's pay attention to the legal length limits. May 2023 be peaceful, healthy, disease-free with plenty of blue and beautiful fish in the clean seas."

"Don't leave these plastic fish for our children," he added.

Within the scope of the project started in 2014, Istanbul Provincial Directorate of Agriculture and Forestry to prevent sea pollution, teams collected over 320,000 square meters of ghost nets from the Marmara Sea.

Ghost nets have been scientifically confirmed to damage the ecosystem, biodiversity, fish migration routes and habitats.

Türkiye, Turkey, Bosphorus,

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