Massive price increases make Croats furious - "Early warnings were there..."

Complaints were made by the citizens due to price increases made by certain merchants disguised by the introduction of the Euro.

In today's meeting with the relevant ministers, he announced a prompt reaction and inspections. Plenkovi pointed out that the introduction of the Euro is not the reason for the increase in the prices of goods and services. EVRO HR is the official government website of the government, with all relevant information related to consumer protection, stating that the consumer must not be in a less favorable financial position than he would have been if the Euro had not been introduced, reports.
"As in all other situations, during the double reporting transition period, it is necessary to correctly and accurately apply the rules of recalculation and rounding, which means that the price must be recalculated and stated correctly, i.e., the informational calculation in the currency that was or will be official must correctly reflect the price that is charged to the consumer and must not be rounded up or down," the website states.
It is added that the ratio of prices expressed in HRK and Euros must correspond to a mathematical operation, that is, to the rules of conversion and rounding by applying a fixed conversion rate in the full numerical amount. Also, the website states that this specifically means that from the beginning of the period of mandatory dual reporting until the day of the introduction of the Euro for the purpose of informing consumers, the price charged in HRK must be recalculated and displayed in euros as well, with the correct application of the fixed conversion rate and rules for recalculation and rounding.
"The key principle of the introduction of the Euro is consumer protection, and the...

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