NFT Biennial to come to Istanbul

The NFT Biennial will be held for the first time in the world at Zorlu PSM in Istanbul, bringing the art world and the digital world together in nine different locations around the world between January and February.

The world's first and only NFT biennial, where more than 100 NFT works of art will be exhibited, can be visited free of charge at the gallery area of Zorlu PSM between Jan. 6 and 15.

Prepared by a curatorial team of 12 people from various parts of the world, including curators such as Julie Walsh, Soliman Lopez and Atay Ilgün, who stand out with their works in the field of digital art, the biennial aims to build interactive links between the conventional art world and NFT ecosystem while also strengthening the bonds between the metaverse and physical world through phygital events.

In an effort that is the first of its kind, the biennial will attempt to throw a spotlight on the potential of NFTs to become a fully-fledged art form through a rhizomic, collective and dynamic organization.

Bringing together physical galleries and the Metaverse with its nine separate pavilions, the biennial will meet with art lovers in many cities, including Berlin, Amsterdam, London, Brussels, Bogota, Los Angeles and Tokyo after Istanbul.

Visitors will be able to participate in the biennial through screens and projections. There will be many activities, from media art performances to hybrid conversations and from VR/AR experiences to immersive exhibitions.

Supporters of the NFT Biennial, which is held in global cooperation with the world-famous open-source blockchain platform Tezos, include Web 3.0 and leading companies and communities in blockchain, The SandBox, Unicorn DAO, and fx(hash).

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