Serbia stronger in 2023 but will face challenges - analyst

BELGRADE - Serbia entered 2023 as a stronger country, but it still faces challenges regarding the Kosovo-Metohija issue and, like the majority of European countries, it will also feel the fallout from the Ukraine war, says political analyst Zoran Milivojevic.

"Many things do not depend on us. We have a serious war in Europe that is generating consequences affecting even the most stable countries. A tough year is ahead in which we should hope for the end of the war or at least the start of a resolution. The war has confirmed that the world is divided, multipolar, and this war is definitely an entry into a new world order. We cannot stay unaffected by such global developments," Milivojevic told Tanjug.

In the period to come, there will also be pressure to resolve the Kosovo-Metohija issue, as well as the Bosnia and Herzegovina issue, where Serbia has state and national...

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