Türkiye’s withdrawal from Istanbul Convention in line with law: Council of State

The Council of State has upheld Türkiye's withdrawal from the Istanbul Convention, also known as the Council of Europe Convention, on preventing violence against women.

The Administrative Courts Board of the Council of State made the final decision in the case regarding Türkiye's withdrawal from the Istanbul Convention, while the board found the decision "in accordance with the law."

Türkiye announced its unilateral termination of the Istanbul convention with a presidential decree on March 20, 2021.

A large number of lawsuits were filed in the Council of State with the request to cancel the presidential decision on Türkiye's exit from the convention and for the suspension of execution.

The 10th Chamber of the Council of State accepted around 200 applications filed by women's organizations, lawyers and bar associations to revert the government's decision to withdraw from the convention.

In the decision taken by the 10th Chamber with a majority of votes on July 19,2022, it was stated that "there was no contradiction to law in the presidential decree in terms of authority and for elements."

As a result of the objection of some non-governmental organizations, the plaintiff came to the Administrative Courts Board, which is the final decision-making authority of the file. At the end of the negotiations, the board rejected the appeal objections and upheld the decision of the 10th Chamber.

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