The waste processing units for eastern Thessaloniki and Larissa are being auctioned

Shortly before the end of 2022, notices were published for the construction of two important waste management infrastructures. These are the Waste Treatment Units (WTUs) of the Eastern Sector of Western Macedonia and Larissa, with a budget of 241.9 million euros and 54.6 million euros.

In particular, the Regional Association of Solid Waste Management Agencies (FOSDA) of Central Macedonia announced a public open tender for the selection of a contractor for the construction and operation of the Waste Treatment Unit (WTU). The contract includes the construction of the project, the supply of the mobile equipment, a six-month trial operation of the unit as well as its normal operation for six years.

According to the terms of the tender, FOSDA can modify the contract (right of option) if it deems it necessary to increase the production of secondary fuel and the recovery of recyclable materials, reduce the residue of the plant, receive and process separately collected recyclable materials and recover energy from the processing of preselected organics.

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The project includes the construction of the WTU, which will process 150,200 tons/year of which:

• 128,200 tons/year of mixed waste. It will process 36% of the produced mixed garbage of the regional unit of Thessaloniki, the mixed waste of the regional unit of Halkidiki, the residues of the KDAU (Recyclable Materials Sorting Centers) of Halkidiki and Eastern Thessaloniki (15% each) as well as the residues of the bio-waste processing units of Halkidiki and Eastern Thessaloniki (10% each),

• 22,000 tons/year of pre-selected waste. This is the 1st MEVA (bio...

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