The Bulgarian Political Parties are Looking at the Third Term for the Formations of a Government

The possibilities of forming a government within this parliament with the second and third terms became an emphasis in the declarations of the individual parliamentary groups that opened the political season.

Breaking with tradition, the first words came from "We Continue the Change" (WCC). Nikolay Denkov, nominated for Prime Minister, defined the main goal of his formation:

"What is the most important thing we can do in this session? The answer is one - it is to elect a regular government".

And he called for support for their mandate and their statement of priorities because they were common for everyone.

The answer of Toma Bikov from GERB:

"The country cannot be governed by a declaration. Whatever they write in it, no matter how well it is written, and believe me, yours is not well written. Therefore we call upon you, if you really want to make an effort to form a government in the 48th National Assembly you should approach this as seriously as possible and propose in the plenary hall the composition of the cabinet and the structure of the cabinet, as we did."

GERB gave a deadline for the draft composition to be presented as early as next week, in order to see the potential of WCC, which so critically assessed theirs.

The third term is the last chance for a cabinet, according to the leaders of DPS Mustafa Karadayi and DB's Hristo Ivanov.

"Today, it is not important who will be the first to state the priorities for Bulgaria in a declaration, in order to call the new hero savior and stick labels on the others. Today, it is important who will work selflessly for Bulgaria. It is time for responsibility," said Mustafa Karadayi.

"This parliament must produce...

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