Cloudy Weather in Bulgaria Today

Cloudiness will continue to increase from the north-northeast today and will be significant over most of the country by midday. There will be almost no rain. The prevailing minimum temperatures will be between 1°C and 6°C, in Sofia - about 3°C.

Winds will shift from the north-northeast and will subside later in the afternoon in many areas. Maximum temperatures will be between 8°C and 13°C, in Sofia - around 9°C.

Cloudiness will also increase over the mountains, most recently over the Rilo-Rhodope region, but it will remain almost precipitation-free. It will blow to a moderate north-northwest wind. The maximum temperature at 1200 meters will be about 8°C, at 2000 meters - about 3°C.

Over the Black Sea before noon, cloudiness from the north will quickly increase and it will be mostly cloudy. Only in separate places along the northern coast is it possible to overcast. It will blow to a moderate north-northeast wind, which will weaken and die down later in the day. Maximum temperatures will be 9°-11°C, close to seawater temperature. The excitement of the sea will be 2-3 points.

On Thursday it remains warm for January, in places in Central Bulgaria up to 17 degrees Celsius, for Sofia 11.

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