It’s time we finished with fairytales

Downtown Athens' central Ermou Street is seen packed with holiday shoppers last week. Generous subsidies and allowances are helping maintain inflation, argues the author. [InTime News]

What would you wish for the country in 2023? Out of the many things I can think of, two stand out.

The first would be for Greece's politicians to regain the ability to face real problems openly and honestly, and to be prepared to have a sincere discussion about them, rather than using those problems as an excuse and with the sole goal of grabbing onto power.

A second would be for them to remember what it is like to discuss problems, to take into account what each interlocutor has to say - instead of listening only to their own voices, ready to attack anybody with a different opinion.

Our politicians should learn to discuss issues seriously, without moving the goalposts as they see fit. A typical example of this attitude is the discussion taking place these days with regards to Spain's decision to reduce or scrap value-added tax on basic food items for six...

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